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In need of some help with dog training?

Private dog training and behaviour modification across the Illawarra, NSW.


At Switched On Dogs, I use positive based, fear free methods of dog training to help you have the very best relationship with your pet. My private in-home training sessions are designed to be a fun, educational and productive learning environment for both you and your dog.

Does your dog need some help with their manners? Is your rescue dog having trouble settling in to the household? Introducing a new puppy in to your family?

Ask me how you can improve many of these undesirable behaviours and create a stress-free, happy home environment for the whole family, including the furry members.


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Servicing the Illawarra area from Coledale to Kiama

Illawarra based dog training and walking services:

 Let me take your best friend out when you don’t have time to. From some basic exercise to specialised ‘walk and train’ sessions, I love taking dogs walking all over the Illawarra.

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Private In-Home Dog Training

Many undesirable behaviours occur when a dog is in their home environment. In a private home visit, I can see how your dog is reacting first hand and come up with a strategy tailored to you and your lifestyle.

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Local Dog Walking

Feeling short of time? Let me take your dog walking. Around the neighbourhood, to the beach or the park, alone or with other dogs… I will find a solution to suit you and your dogs’ needs.

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Walk & Train Sessions

‘Walk and Train’ sessions are a great way to give your dog some exercise while working on their manners! From walking better on the lead to practising their recall, I can provide a fun training experience for them.

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Why Switched On Dogs?

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Because I am committed to being switched on…

Both with my approach to dog training and really listening to the needs of owners.  I use only science based, proven, force free methods. I am also committed to continuing to keep up do date with my education by regular attendance at industry seminars & conferences

Because I want your dog to be switched on…

I want to get your dog engaged and thinking during training. I want dogs to form strong bonds with the owners and I want the relationship to be based on mutual understanding, trust and respect.

Because I want you to be switched on…

This comes from understanding and being aware of how your dog communicates with you and how you communicate with your dog. It is about understanding what drives individual behaviours while still considering the bigger picture. 

I believe in fear free, positive dog training methods.

Socialisation, house-training, separation anxiety, problem barking and basic manners are all behaviours I can help with. Talk to me today about how working with Switched On Dogs can make a difference.  

The key question is NOT
“How do I stop this problem behaviour?”
rather it is
“What do I want my dog TO DO instead?”
…then TEACH it!

S. G. Friedman, Ph.D. 

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servicing the Illawarra from Coledale to Kiama

Let’s create the happy relationship you want with your dog.

I’m happy to travel from the Northern Suburbs of the Illawarra, through Wollongong, Shellharbour and as far south as Kiama.